Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Market Scenario in Indian Retail Automobile Market

Today's Automobile Market Situation

At the rate at which the Retail Sector and especially the Automobile sector is growing year after year, it is required to have well trained Sales & Service personnel ready to serve today’s discerning customer. Today’s Customer, who is mainly in the 25 – 55 years age group, presents a huge challenge to the Automobile sector in particular. He/ she, is extremely well informed, socially aware, media savvy, up-to date with the latest trends in the world, in India especially, and upwardly mobile with a huge amount of disposable income. He is ready to spend this money on the best things, Life can offer. If we have to take advantage of this and grab a good percentage of this income then we must be ready for the customer. And, this process begins and ends with excellent and well trained and well groomed, sales personnel that is ready to meet and convert maximum sales for the dealership and the Brand.

What is required to achieve the above?
An excellent and well trained person who has the following attributes which are inevitable and is a pre-requisite in today’s day and age.
1) Proper Product knowledge
2) Competitors’ information
3) Excellent Selling Skills
4) Proper Selling Etiquette and Attitude
5) Aware and well read
While Product Knowledge and Competitors’ information is imparted by the Principal the other skills have to be managed by the dealership itself.
It has been noticed, in general, the sales staff is woefully inadequate in some or all these aspects. 

This results in less-than-effective performances and therefore not so encouraging sales performances leading to frustration and finally attrition. Further it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire sales personnel that are trained in all aspects of the sales process.

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